Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fun Filled Free Contribution to Small Business Saturday

It's Small Business Saturday.  To be totally honest, I'm blessed right now with more custom orders then I can handle.  So the only thing I'll ask of you is a simple click.

I'd like to reach 1300 Likes by December 31, 2013 on my business A Crafty Arab Facebook page. 

13 is my lucky number.  My birthday falls on a 13, along with my husband's birthday and our anniversary.  Growing up I would always get so excited to see it, since it was often rare, and I thought that those that suffered from Triskaidekaphobia should be verified as clinically insane.  How can you not love the most perfect of numbers?

Considering that 1300 is a great way to end a fantastic year for my business (alhumdullah, knock on wood, tap a rabbit ear, whichever showing of gratitude is your pleasure). I'd love to end it with by getting 178 more heart felt Likes from people that love supporting handmade. 

If you already Like my page: Woot!  Now share with some other friends that appreciate your refined taste. 

If you haven't already liked my page, please do.  Between my handmade listings and Arab cultural going ons, I do thrown in some heavy sarcasm*.

Stick 'A Crafty Arab' in your handy little white search Facebook box, click on Like when you get to my page and comment to let all your friends know you did your part on Small Business Saturday. 

If that seems like too much work, just Like here and don't say a word.

Now just sit back in your pajamas and feel good about what you just did.  You made my day by helping me end a great year with a great number.  You, awesome you, have contributed to the American Dream on Small Business Saturday.

If it's not too much work, feel free to pat yourself on the back.

(*Please make sure not to share this page with anyone that goes by the name "grandma" and especially, seriously, not "taita".  No exceptions.)

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