Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Elan magazine looking for writers

I was recently featured in Elan magazine. I recieved this email from the editor and I thougth others might also be interested in this opportunity...Please be sure to contact them directly!

Submission Call for Writers Background: has grown into a popular, insightful publication sharing the stories of remarkable young professionals empowering their communities, enlightening their peers and inspiring those around them. Based in New York City, we have about 30,000 visitors per month and are growing rapidly.

Mission: is an online publication focused on global youth culture. Elan Magazine covers a broad variety of topics ranging from business to architecture to fashion. In addition to witty, engaging, thought‐provoking articles, Elan also includes profiles from prominent voices within cultures across the globe. As we witness globalization penetrating each market segment, Elan captures these exciting stories from every culture hoping to inspire more positive ideas.

InterestedWriters: We currently are accepting applications from writers all over the world who keep up with the trends, news and developments within their communities and abroad. Please remember when pitching that our readers are sophisticated, well traveled, well educated, and enjoy writing and reading content that educates, enlightens, and inspires. Please note: We do NOT publish political analysis or discuss religious creed.

Pitching Process: When pitching a story, submit 3‐5 sentences explaining what you’d like to write about, any interviews you may include, and what you’d like to show. Please also specify if it’s a feature story (1,000‐1500 words) or a departmental story (500‐800 words). If you are interested in becoming a writer for Elan Magazine, please send 3 story pitches to: elan(at)

Compensation: We are not financially compensating writers at the moment, but we do promise exposure and it’s a great opportunity to network!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Women's Wellness Weekend - Fall 2011

I'm a big fan of the YMCA ever since I became a member there a few years ago. So I consider it an honor when they ask me to teach at Women's Wellness Weekend every time, either at Camp Colman or Camp Orkila. This past weekend I had a chance to return to Camp Orkila for the fifth time (three times to teach a craft and twice as a participant) and I must say it was one of the best times I've had there.

As a change this year I didn't go with a full cabin of women I knew. Instead I went with a friend of mine that I had actually met at the Camp Colman WWW. Going into a full cabin of 14 other people and only knowing one person was such a different experience. For three days I lived with a homeopathic doctor, an African dancer, a novelist, a teacher, an elderly home caregiver and so many more women that I would have never met otherwise. For many of them, this was their first experience at a WWW. With all the new faces, there were still a lot of women I knew from years past throughout the camp.

I learned how to make piroshky, spring rolls and secret books. I got a message, learned how to knit a headband and attempted to make a crochet flower. I came home with a handmade wood box, a couple of holiday greeting cards, a tummy full of great desserts and a few less pounds from the never ending hike that happened several times a day between the cabins and the lodge. I wasn’t feeling very physical this time, so I passed on the giant swing, zipline, rope course, hike up Turtleback Mt and kayaking, but that’s okay, there is always next year!

For my class this year, we made button rings and here was the sample that I brought to the camp for others to see.

I also took this great photo of the deer with his little antlers starting to come out. The deer on Orcas Island have no natural predators, so it’s quite amazing how close they get to you, not knowing fear.

For more photos, especially the beautiful rings my students made, please visit my Facebook page.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Iraqi Refugees in Our Schools Workshop

This past weekend I was a part of a team of women that put together a workshop for Washington teachers. “Iraqi Refugees in Our Schools” grew out of a concern that teachers might need some new ideas, strategies and skills for working with the influx of Iraqi refugee children arriving in our schools.

I was responsible for registration, the resource table and I gave a presentation at the end about children's resources. I also did a childrn's folktale from Iraq called "Five Threads" from the book Celebrate the World by Margaret Read MacDonald.

Here are some photos of the event:

More can be found on my Facebook page.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Arab Festival 2011

This last weekend I had a booth at the 2011 Arab Festival at the Seattle Center. It was really a great event and it was even better this year as I didn't produce it! It was very relaxing to just show up at the event and be responsible only for my booth instead of the whole event. Here are some photos I took while there enjoying the two days. I can't believe we have to wait two more years for the next one!
My booth was busy, alhumdul'alah

What festival isn't complete without a fantastic food booth?

"Song of the Dove" panel discssion

My peace henna tattoo