Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Quilled board for BF

I have tried all kinds of advertising to get customers to sign up for my Quilling class at Ben Franklin Crafts in Redmond, WA. Social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, don't do as well since a majority of my connections on those sites are out of town contacts.

Listings on Craigslist and TeachStreet tended to get lost with the hundreds of other art class choices. After conducting countless unscientific surveys, I've found the best way that people find out about my class is thru these quilling boards that are placed in front of the store, by the registers.

I like to change up these boards to keep things fresh. Since my Spring Quarter classes are starting up, I created a new board with cards that I made up last weekend.

I've included a photo of the whole board and also closeups of each card. And if you happen to be at Ben Franklin, please stop by and see it live!

Entire Quilling Class Board
The Quilling Title, all done free hand.

Butterfly Happy Spring Quilled Card

Quilled Bunny with Fringed Flower
Underwater Sea Life Quilled Card

Introduction to Quilling writeup.

Spring Flowers and Bud Quilled Card
Quilled Earrings
Doves and Dress Birthday Quilled Card

Classes are 1/17, 2/21, 3/21.  Call (425) 883-2050 to enroll!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Quilled Butterfly Tutorial

I've been quilling up a storm lately, coming up with some fun earring designs for Ventures, the b&m store I sell at in Pike Place Market.  I needed to take a break from the earrings and decided to try my hand at a butterfly design.  While I was creating the butterfly, I decided to stop along the way and take notes and photos so I can show you how to make your own butterfly.

Here is the final product:
A Crafty Arab Quilled Butterfly Tutorial

First I decided on the colors.  I really wanted to keep it simple, so I just picked blue, orange and peach as my three colors for the wings and yellow for the body. 

I've gathered up my usual supplies for quilling: scissors, quilling strips, circle board, pins, glue, quilling tool:
A Crafty Arab Quilled Butterfly Tutorial

So the first thing I did was create the three main pieces for the wing:
A Crafty Arab Quilled Butterfly Tutorial

Here is a better close up of them:
A Crafty Arab Quilled Butterfly Tutorial

Then I just started randomly adding circles, curls, and other shapes around these main pieces:
A Crafty Arab Quilled Butterfly Tutorial

I have to admit, this is the first time I've done a piece this complicated and one that required so many pins!
A Crafty Arab Quilled Butterfly Tutorial

After the pieces were all placed where they needed to be, I started putting glue points between where any two pieces of paper touched.  I then went around the both wings with a maroon strip to keep everything together:
A Crafty Arab Quilled Butterfly Tutorial

You'll need to walk away from this project for a bit to let everything dry:
A Crafty Arab Quilled Butterfly Tutorial

And then you can take out the pins and you have a beautiful butterfly in only four short hours. :)  Don't forget to take notes along the way, just in case you'd like to make another!
A Crafty Arab Quilled Butterfly Tutorial