Monday, October 22, 2012

The Story Spine for Qasim Sabti

If you haven't been reading my blog, then you probably don't know that I am currently a Docent for the Seattle Art Museum.  Docent is a fancy fru-fru word for tour guide.  The only difference is that Docents do a ton of studying and upkeep for that fru-fru title.  I do mean a ton.  I've been doing it for a long time and it's honestly one of my favorite things to do.

So today, I headed down to SAM for a Communication Workshop with Matt Smith.  In the workshop, Matt talked about a Story Spine.  I was mesmerized.  What a great way to break down a story!  Although I've been storytelling for years, and am getting ready to write a children's book myself, I'd never done a story spine before.  While Matt moved on to his closing remarks for the workshop, I couldn't stop writing up a Story Spine for one of my favorite pieces at SAM.  So with no further ado, here is my Story Spine for Qasim Sabti.

Once upon a time...there was a little boy in Baghdad who loved to draw
And every day...he drew for his friends since his polio would not allow him to run with them
Until one day...he became a well respected art teacher at the National Academy of Art.
And because of that...he was walking to work one day and realized that books were raining down on him in red tears of ambers
And because of that...he took as many as he could home since they were farmland where his thoughts could be planted
Until finally...he created beautiful collages from the pages and spines of those lucky enough to be saved
And since that day...his plantings of artwork hang at SAM to remind us that cultural civilizations can rise from ashes.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Shuruq - Olympia's First Arab Festival

The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice will host Olympia’s first Arab Festival, Oct. 5-7 to be held at 222 Columbia Street NW, Olympia, Washington. Arab Fest is a full weekend event featuring Arabartists, educational tables, children’s activities, food, music, dance, films and more! This fun-filled family event kicks off Friday, October 5th at 5pm, at the Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural, on the corner of Capital St. & State St. downtown, with an Arab CafĂ© and Hookah Lounge full-day event at the Olympia Center, Saturday, October 6 th, 11-5 pm.
Admission is FREE to the public. Saturday evening features a lively show of Arab comedy and spoken word performances ($10 students; $15 general admission). On Sunday October 7th, we cap off the event with a film festival at the Capital Theatre ($5.50 OFS member, $8.50 general admission).
We invite our community to celebrate and experience the food, culture, traditions, lifestyles and peoples of the Arab world in a joyous and authentic manner. This event focuses on the diversity and complexity of the Arab peoples by challenging stereotypes, showcasing Arab arts and performance, and celebrating diversity within our community. As stated by Farihan Bushnaq, a local Arab-American community member,
Stopy by and say hi at the A Crafty Arab booth!

A Crafty Arab's new business partner, helping out by holding the cards and singing an Egyptian tune.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

From Social Media banners to Eid banners

Last time I was on here, I wrote about branding and having a consistent banner in all my social media outlets. Since I was working on virtual banners, I went ahead and made a few craft banners too. I had listed this HappyEid banner in my Zibbet shop a while ago and it just sold:
So this week, I made more for my shop.

The first one is a horizontal banner just like the previous one.  But the shapes I created this time are very Arabesque.

Eid word detail:

I also created a vertical Eid banner that is in glitter:

Eid word detail:

And now that fall has started, I decided to make a spring banner.  I'm in need of some flowers to get me through the next few months of grey and rain here in the Pacific Northwest:
Eid word detail:
Once I started on the flower banner, it just felt natural to make another, but this time a vertical Eid banner in flowers and ribbons:

Detail of flower on the letter D.

I have one more in the works, but I'm getting ready for a booth at the Olympia Arab Festival this weekend, so it'll have to wait.  Stay tuned!