Friday, July 22, 2011


Ever wanted a pet rock? I know I do! So I have decided to make one, and I am going to show you too! This is my recipe for the perfect pet rock. Hope you like it!

Fake Flowers
Oil pastels

1. Draw two dots on the rock with the oil pastels. These will become the eyes.

2. Tape on the flowers. If they are pointed forward they are hands, Backwards is feet, and up means ears!

3. Have fun with your new pet!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is a website we made especially for kids (but grown-ups can use it too of course) who are just as crafty as we are. We got the idea when we were doing our daily craft with our mom.

We thought that other kids (and parents) could have as much fun with our crafts as we did. So now we will show them all to you.

Good luck and have fun!!!!!!

This is a photo of our six hands that you will get to know in our craft photos:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Islamic Scrabble Tile Necklaces

A while ago, I created these really nice Arabesque Scrabble Tile Designs and started selling them on my Zibbet shop.

I decided to take this idea one step further and create more Islamic designs and put them on the Scrabble Tiles. I have a dear friend that wanted an Allah necklace, but didn't want it in gold. This is the standard look for the Allah necklaces in the Middle East.

She felt she was hip and modern and wanted something fresh. So I started playing around with (copyright compliant) Allah and Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem designs and came up with 12 new looks for her to choice. I hope you also like them. For now I've listed them all on my FB page. I hope to gradually list them all in my Zibbet shop soon. I'd love to hear what you think of them!


Baby Huggables said...
Very beautiful work. Love the fact that these are so meaningful. Would make a great birthday gift.
Finding Charm said...
I was thinking the same thing. The meaning is what is important. I like that gold and red one.
Sandra's Fiberworks said...
that orange and black one is gorgeous -- so striking.
Raige Creations said...
sloane said...
love the story behind them, beautiful. From a fellow
Pussyfoots said...
Great look!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Firyuza Interview

Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Firyuza. I am a Russian speaking Muslim born and raised in Uzbekistan (how many can show where it is on the map? :-) ) One day I was reading a newspaper, and there was an article about several women that became successful sellers on Etsy. I started thinking about it. I loved the idea of working from home and doing what I liked. But I did not know what exctly I wanted to do. I wanted it to be unique, and to do something with either clothes for muslim women, or hijabs. After numerous experiments and many ruined scarves, I created what I call, No Pins Hijab, and I have started selling in my own Etsy shop Firyuza. Hijab that does not require any pins, is very easy to put on, but it is not a simple Al Amira. There are different styles, only two are presented in my store now, with more to come. There is so much for me to learn and do as I am only at the beginning of my trip!

Apart from being ‘creative’ what do you do?
Besides taking care of my family and helping my hasband with his business, I love spending time with my friends, reading, and going outdoors. Calgary has so many beautiful parks and I haven't visited them all yet. This is to be changed this summer!

What inspires you to do the kind of work you do?
Everytime I get a compliment about my hijab, it inspires me. When my friends ask me to show how I make my hijabs looks so different, it inspires me. When I just started wearing hijab, I did not know how to put it on, how to coordinate with my clothes, nothing. I hated looking in the mirror, as the only thing I saw there was "testimonial of absence of any taste". It was really depressing, but it shouldn't be! It should be enjoyable. And when I think that my hijabs make somebody's day brighter, it inspires me.

Do you look up to anyone? Who? Why?
My mother. She is just an amazing woman. I learnt and keep learning so much from her. I wish we would live closer to each other, at least on the same continent :-).

What other passions do you have in your life?
Gardening. Even though I am still getting used to growing something in Canada. Being from Central Asia, I am too spoiled by long hot summers.

How do you promote your work?
There are so much for me to do in this area as I opened my shop very recently. For now it is mostly word of mouth. I also just started my blog,

In the future I’d like to be…
I am happy with who I am in present, thanks to Allah, but there are several details I would like to be different.
I am a mother of two on weekdays, and a mother of four on weekends :-) . I have two wonderful stepkids, and they are with us on weekends only. We need more kids in our team! I want to be a mother of more than four. This is the first thing I want to change.
Another one is about my Etsy store. I do want to be a successful owner of two Etsy stores- the one that I have right now, and in the second I would like to have clothes for young muslim girls.