Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here I go

Okay, I know I'm a little late, but I thought I would hop on this blog wagon and give it a go. Basically I love visiting so many crafts blogs all over the internet, but there are none that I've found that have Arabic crafts. So I've decided to start a craft blog that is geared more towards crafts for people of Arab ethnicity.

I'm very proud of living in this country but I am also equally proud of my Arab heritage and having a background that is different. My mom has always sewn things for us growing up and I took Home Ec in High School and loved the sewing aspect of it. From there I started scrapbook albums (even before it was cool) and went on to get a Art History minor in college. I specilized in African Art because it was just so fascinating to me.

Haven been born in Libya, which is in North Africa, I'd always considered myself an African first. Then 9/11 hit and I came out of the closet as an Arab. I'd always been ashamed of being an Arab since middle school when I had been called a camel jock by a mean bully. But now I'm proud of my heritage and trying to teach people about it in a positive light. I want to show people that I am no differnt then the rest of society. I love to make things with my hands. Fun things for my kids and cool things to sell on my web site (www.acraftyarab.etsy.com). So I hope this blog goes well and people enjoy what I have to say.