Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New low price of Arabic Aphabet Magnets

Over in my Zibbet shop, I sold a set of my 28 Arabic Alphabet 1" Magnets this weekend.  When I went to get the order ready for shipping, I realized that $25.00 seemed a bit much for these magnets.  So I've lowered the price to the same price as the poster.

Yup, you read that right, now you can get all 28 magnets for only $18.99.  That is quite the deal if I do say so myself.  Now the Arabic Alphabet Poster, Arabic Alphabet Game Cards and the 28 Arabic Alphabet 1" Magnets (with and without pronunciations) are all the same price.

I've also decided to offer a deal that if you order all three items together, the price is $50.00.

Think of this as a belated Eid present from me to you! :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Crafty Arab 1st ever Amazon review!

I've been selling my Arabic Alphabet Animal on Amazon for a close to two years now.  During that time, I've sold quite a few of the posters, but I have never been given a review.  I have over 100 positive reviews at my Zibbet shop, but my Amazon item has never gotten one, not sure why.

Now I have my first and I'm so excited I had to share it with you.

Thank you Laila for being so supportive on my products and writing up my first assessment!

Here is what she wrote:
I love this poster!!
We put it in a frame and it looks beautiful in my daughter's nursery. At first I thought it was going to end up being more for me than her. But once she turned 18 months, we started looking at it together. And "A Crafty Arab" also has flashcards to match. Now at 22 months she knows all her Arabic letters and the matching animals. Also makes a great baby shower gift.

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Raige Creations said...
that is AWESOME!!
your business is thriving, keep up the good work.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fall 2013 Quilling Board

Now that summer is almost over, it's time to start planning my fall Quilling classes at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames in Redmond. I will be teaching two classes: one on October 24th and the second on November 21st, both from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Please contact BF to enroll.

There is a shelf in the front of the store that advertises upcoming classes, so I created a new board for my dates. I have found that despite how much social media I do to get my minimum three students per month, these boards brings in about 90% of my audience. This is why I spend so much energy on creating a new board for each session.

The board I dropped off yesterday had some new quilling techniques I'll be showcasing.   Plus, for the first time ever, I've included random quilling shapes on the board itself.  I hope these will help people see how many different designs can be created with one single quilling strip.

Here is the overall board:
Starting from the top, I included a flower that highlights a  new technique I just learned.  Upon closer inspection reveals, I hope you can see that each petal consists of two colors. So if you want to learn how I got these pink and yellow petals to do that, come to class!
This simple bird peace card is made up of one single V shaped quilling strip.  I then added various sizes of  teardrops and of course glitter.
Come to class to learn why I cut this paper into 3/8 inch instead of using the standard 1/8 inch.  Once you see how easy this card is to make, you might want to consider spending a few pennies to make it for your boss's card this year.
In the lower right corner I added ornaments. The upper simple ornament I make and sell at Ventures in Pike Place Market.  But I decided to make a second to show a different design.
While my original ornament only uses two shapes, the newer more elaborate ornament uses the same two shapes, but adds two more.  If you can't figure it out on your own, come to class and learn!  You'll have plenty of time to make them for your family members as gifts for the holidays!
Here is a close up of the random quilled shapes.  My daughter choose which ones needed to go on and glued them down.  I am quite proud of her selections.

This playful bee asking 'What's the buzz' card was so much fun to make and was inspired by my quilled rings that I also sell at Ventures.

As you can see from my close up below, the paper design has changed from what I've done in the past and what is on tutorials on the internet.  And if you come to class, I'll share with you my secret to these multicolored rings.  In the upcoming long, gloomy, grey, rainy, and miserable Seattle days, you can make these pop up flowers to brighten up your friends homes. 

I wanted to add a pair of my butterfly earrings to show how versatile quilling really is to use. In class, I'll talk about the different sealers you'll need to consider to protect your paper. Here I wanted to demonstrate how one of the earrings is sealed, but the other is not.  I'm so sorry the photo is grainy, as you all know by now, photography is not my strength!

For the fall card, I wanted to play around with the paper glued on it's side for the lines of the tree trunk. I really like how the tree knot fit in so well. It is a bit hard to see, but the upper leaves are red and orange and the lower are a light green.  Of course my 10 year old pointed out afterwards that the leaves that had fallen should have been colored and not green. Kids and their logic!

And finally in the middle of the board is the info about the class.
Don't forget: October 24 and November 21.  Sign up by stopping by BF or calling (425) 883-2050.

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!