Saturday, October 4, 2014

Vending at the Olympia Arab Festival – Shuruq II

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends!  What a joyous day for celebrations.  Our family will be gathering with loved ones tomorrow for our party.

Today I had the honor of vending at the Arab Festival – Shuruq II, which was held south of Seattle at the Olympia Center in beautiful Olympia, Washinton.

I took my grid wall instead of a table because so many of my items are now vertical.  I had brought fabric to drap behind my wall because I had anticipated being behind another vendor.  They came in really handy once I was moved over to a window wall.  Here is my completed booth space.

I love this event because it's always fun to see friends and catch up.  I'm always amazed at the sheer number of Seattle Arabs that make the trek to Olympia. The Shuruq, which means sunrise in Arabic, really brought the community together for a day of eating, listening to rhythmic music, watching little girls giggle in a fashion show, eating, touching rich textiles, getting educated, and more eating.

Shukran to the generous volunteers of the Rachel Corrie Foundation for making this event possible.  And a special Eid Milad Said to Farihan Bushnaq, the Festival Coordinator, for her dedication to the success of this important event.  It in highly needed in these turmoil times of our beloved Levant.

The Mural café and Hookah Lounge outside.

Beautiful program guides.

Rachel Corrie Foundation Booth

Hookahs ready to rent out.

Free Gaza.

Children learning about inventions of Arab origins.

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