Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mr. Galabeya Goes to the CD

Two years ago, I created a Mr. Galabeya Card Tutorial while I was teaching Arabic art to students at the Startalk Language Camp.

Once the camp was over, I printed out the instructions and created card kits. These kits included a colorful blank card, envelope, three cutouts and step by step details. All that was needed was a pen and glue. These kits were listed in my Zibbet shop and I would often take them to events to sell.
A Crafty Arab's Mr. Galabeya Goes to the CD

Recently I discovered that my friend Esther Ervin was creating a Little Art Supply Depot to install in the Seattle Central District. Her artwork is to be part of the City of Seattle's Art Interruptions series. These art instillation offers ephemeral moments of surprise and reflection in the Central Area Neighborhood Greenway from September 4, 2015 to January 3, 2016.

Ervin will create a "Little Art Supply Depot" modeled after Little Free Libraries, Ervin's installation will be stocked with small packages of miscellaneous art supplies for people to take and use. Participants are invited to post photos of their creations via social media and art supply donations are encouraged.

Supplies are maintained and stocked by the artist. To learn more about the project, visit its Facebook or Twitter accounts. To make a contribution, visit GoFundMe.

Ervin was an Artist in Residence at Pratt Fine Arts Center and the James W. Washington Foundation. Her art includes mixed media work and jewelry. We meet many years ago while attending the Washington Arts Alliance Foundation's Cultural Congress. We recently both exhibited at a Onyx Fine Arts Collective group show.

I really wanted to be involved in her project and contacted her to see if she would like some Mr. Galabeya Card Kits for her Depot.  I'm excited to say that she has agreed.

If you do find yourself near the Little Art Supply Depot and do take home a Mr. Galabeya to make, please send me a photo! I'll post them below or on IG as they come in.

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