Friday, October 2, 2015

Call to Artists - Homemade Harvest 2015

Every second Saturday in November, for almost 10 years, I've created a Homemade Harvest in my home for others to enjoy.
A Crafty Arab Call to Artists - Homemade Harvest 2015

What is Homemade Harvest you ask?

Homemade Harvest is a celebration of the handcrafted goodness generated by artists in the Seattle area.

I clear out all the furnishings in my living room and invite artists to come share their products with the consumer directly. And, other then a small amount to share the cost of the provided food, every artist gets to keep every dime they make.

No commission fees.
No table fees
No forms.

Just like when craft fairs started. Between friends.

I then invite every person I know (yes, I do actually carry flyers for two months) to come and support these talented vendors that use their hands to make art.

In the past, we have had felted carrots, soap, ornaments, glass bowls, ceramics, lotion, cake pops, earrings, calendars, scarves, cookies, notebooks, socks, crayon holders, and a kitchen sink. I have had Christmas stockings, menorahs, and Eid cards all in one location, plus things for men, cats, and the perfect hostess gift every time.

This year's event has been set for November 14th and I've just put out the call to Homemade Harvest's past artists.

Some have already said they'd love to come back, some have moved on.

If you are an artist and have ONLY handmade (please this is important) items feel free to contact me for details on how to to be a part of this year's show.  Send me some links to an online shop or your IG account so I can make sure you are a good fit. My email is ACraftyArab at gmail.

If you know of an artist that makes ONLY handmade (yup still top priority) items, feel free to pass this on to them.

If you'd like to come and support ONLY handmade art and ask real live artists direct questions, like "is this acrylic?" or "what is your favorite fruit?", let me know and I'll send you my address to come by on the second Saturday in November from 12-6. Once you get close, you'll see the balloons.

No need to knock, just come on in to support your local handcrafting artists.

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