Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bellevue College 2nd Annual Arab Heritage Week

It was an honor to once again be asked to vend at the Bellevue College Arab Heritage Week.  I had such a great time at last year's event, I was excited to come back to hang out on campus.

The Bellevue College Arabic Culture Student Association once again did an impressive job of producing this much needed experience. 

This year the booths were closer to each other, giving more of a souk feel, there were backdrops on all of them to tie the look together and the best part was they were next to the Jean Sarto Floten Student Union.  There was far more foot traffic then the previous year.

Other then moving locations from in front of the library, the other prime change this year was it was a three day event instead of two. I think this was a great idea as it exposed more students to the Arab Heritage Week.

Helping bring in the foot traffic was free baklawa, free henna, free music and spontaneous dabke dancing over the 3 days!

A Crafty Arab booth being set up the first day

Free delicious baklawa was given out, always with a smile.

Check this lady out for any henna designs, she was talented!
The Saudi booth with free coffee and dates.
Arabic educational booth
Try on Saudi clothing and take a selfie
Free henna all three days at two booth

Laila Taji, Producer of the August 2015 Arab Festival, handing out flyers (with babe in arm!)

George Saddak and his performers were top notch as always

Spontaneous dabke happened almost every half hour, always ending in laughter

A Crafty Arab booth on the last day

A fun request for henna behind the ear

Henna on a boy usually means no flowers, but a spade will do.

Henna flowers flowing down the hand.

I did use a few stencils from Jordan when my hand started hurting :)

Nawal wanted her nane to remind her of her heritage.

Osama, my business card holder, had a great time and hopes to see you next year

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