Monday, August 4, 2014

Camping Weekend #WhatGazaChildrenCouldBeDoing

My husband was having a stressful week at work, so he decided to take today off.  We spent the weekend camping on our property, smack dab between Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainer. 

The girls explored 3 miles of a tree burnt volcanic zone (where they spotted a tattletale sign of a bear), chased forest frogs, and went to the local dam to catch, and of course, release tadpoles. They even left the big clear bucket we brought along for the next set of kids.

We are very fortunate that my husband has a job, we bought property 10 years ago when it was dirt cheap, and of course that we have the ability to hike, interact with nature, and spend time with family.

At each magical experience, my daughters spent a little bit of time discussing how, if they had a choice, Gaza children could be doing similar things on their summer day.

Reading silly signs. #WhatGazaChildCouldBeDoing
Exploring a lake. #WhatGazaChildrenCouldBeDoing
Catching frogs in the forest. #WhatGazaChildrenCouldBeDoing
Catching tadpoles. #WhatGazaChildrenCouldBeDoing

Releasing tadpoles. #WhatGazaChildrenCouldBeDoing

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