Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spray Chalk Recipe

I can't quite take credit for creating today's craft, but I just couldn't resist sharing how adorable my kid was for doing it.

While I was inside my studio designing a custom order, my daughter, who is 10, decided to entertain herself by flipping though the hundreds of craft books we have laying around.  Okay, maybe hundreds is an exaggeration, but within sight of my laptop right now, I see three, so it might be close, considering how many rooms we have to make art in our home.

She found a recipe for washable spray chalk and got to work producing it in green and blue.   She then went outside and created this in honor of the Seahawks playing in the Super Bowl today.

Detail of the exclamation point.

4 tablespoons cornstarch
1 cup warm water
4-6 drops food coloring
1 small plant mister (or spray gun in her case)

Mix everything together in a medium bowl.  It'll get sticky and hard to mix, but just keep going. Pour it into your mister or spray gun.  Shake and spray.
Old spray gun found in the depths of the garage.
Here are her tips:
Clean up the huge mess in your kitchen before your mom sees it.
Shake the mister/spray gun as you are using it so the cornstarch doesn't get clogged up.
Clean the kitchen before you go outside to spray so that your mom can't understand why her kitchen has yet again turned into a chemistry lab and then calls you in half way through since she has to make lunch and then you have to come in and explain it all.

Wouldn't this spray chalk be a fabulous way to decorate the parking lot outside of a Eid party?  Since it's washable, all of it can be hosed off afterwards!

We'll just wait for the Seattle rain to wash ours away.

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