Friday, January 24, 2014

Women of the Middle East Recap

Yesterday was the Women of the Middle East Festival at Edmonds Community College and I was asked to present my products in a booth. 

Here are some photos of the booth area taken from upstairs:

Can you spot my booth?

There were so many students all day

Sorry this one turned out blurry

Light lunch catered by Falafel King of Seattle ...

The EDCC volunteer models waiting to start
the fashion show by Boutique Al Firdaws

This is only the second time that I have used my grid wall that I purchased last summer.  As a loyal reader, I'm sure you recall that I mentioned I received the grid wall with only a few t-shirt racks and a handful of hooks.

Last November, as I was coming back from an event in Issaquah, I happened to pass a sign for the Vasa Park Christmas Craft Show and decided to stop to take a look around.  It was a wonderful show full of some really unique items.

While there, I happened to come upon Erika Somogyari's booth Rainbow of the Heart.  I noticed that she used the t-shirt racks as scarf holders.  I stopped to comment on her unique use of the racks and told her that I had just gotten a grid wall with a bunch of those that I don't need.  I also mentioned that I wish my grid wall had come with shelves, as that is what I really need.  She mentioned that she has extra shelves she has never used and wished she had more t-shirt racks.


A trade was made right there on the stop.  I gave her my tshirt racks that were in the car already, and on Tuesday I went to go pick up my new shelves.

I think they turned out so fantastic.  And the best part was that we both filled a need in each other's lives.  I love my fellow crafters!

A Crafty Arab grid wall with new shelves

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