Friday, February 12, 2016

Vacation Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt For Kids

We are heading to the beach for the weekend and I'm more excited then the kids!

I was born on the Mediterranean Sea and every long weekend my folks would meet our extended family and we would picnic on the beach or sometimes along a creek in Jabel Akhdar.  So naturally when I had children, I tend to take them to water when we have any time off.

Monday is Presidents Day here in the US, so we have the day off from work and school.

We rented a house on the Hood Canal and invited some friends to join us.  However, the forecast calls for rain and we'll have six children between the ages of four and fourteen inside a single space with four adults.

Since tv is not allowed on vacation, we packed board games and I made up two scavenger hunt the kids can do. One for inside and one for outside. I'm printing out both and we'll see what happens.

I thought I would share them both here in case anyone else was traveling with kids and needed a fun rainy day or beach activity in a rental home.  You are welcome to cut and paste the lists onto Word document, which is what I did.

We are staying on an oyster bed beach, so I do hope for some breaks from the rain to collect some shells for my front porch collection. Here is the outdoor list for the kids while I'm looking -

Vacation Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt For Kids by A Crafty Arab

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Find a feather.
Find an animal home (web, nest, burrow, one for each)
Sit down, close your eyes and feel the wind.
Find an oyster.
Taste a raindrop.
Spell a word with seashells.
Find your favorite color.
Find seven seeds or nuts (don't move them!)
Identify three different insects by sound.
Balance nine rocks on each other.
Name a bird you see.
Find an animal track.

It being the Northwest, I am also bringing along this indoor list.

Vacation Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt For Kids by A Crafty Arab

Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt

Find something really long
Draw a flower.
Brush your teeth while humming happy birthday to your partner.
Wash two dishes.
Find something with a smooth texture.
Make your bed. (Bonus points if it's already made!)
Find a book with an animal on the cover.
Find something with a rainbow on it.
Find a phone number written down.
Put together eleven puzzle pieces.
Find a stuffed animal.
Ask each grown up for a quarter after giving them a compliment.
Find a healthy snack.
Make a heart out of two paperclips.
Find a coin from 1980-1990
Match all the shoes to each other
Find something musical.
Press a leaf.
Find a piece of garbage on the beach and throw it away.
Tell a funny joke about a banana to a dad.
Paint a rock into a strawberry.
Eat your favorite ice cream. (Don't eat it until the end!)

I also printed out instructions on how to make the strawberries and the paperclips.
Vacation Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt For Kids by A Crafty Arab
I'll let you know how the weekend went so stay tuned.

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