Monday, June 2, 2014

Bellevue College Arab Heritage Week

Today I was a vendor at the Bellevue College Arab Heritage Week.  What a fantastic job these college kids did in putting it all together! Shukran to Orchideh for organizing it all in less then a month's time!

Here is A Crafty Arab all set up.
A Crafty Arab Booth

There was music on the main stage in the student cafeteria, one building away. Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy it because I had to sit at my booth, but I'm sure it was lovely.

Other vendors included Byblos Mediterianian Deli, AlSundus from Bellevue, fresh fruits, vegetables, Arabic sandwiches and desserts.  Here is a photo of them all lined up. The gorgeous fabrics flying in the background add to the look and feel of a souk.

Other vendors included the Arab Center of Washington, a booth for Palestinian/Syrian refugees and the Palestinian Heritage Club. The Arab Student Organization also had a booth for information, books to browse and a longstanding flow of Arabic music from several loudspeakers. It was so wonderful to hear all day long.

I'll be there again tomorrow, we are right behind the Library.  So stop by, say hi, and get your name in henna by my mom!

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