Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kindergarten, 1st and 5th grade - snakes, van Gogh, and O'Keefe

Today was art day at my daughter's school, where I volunteer to teach in three classes, every other Thursday. 

Because I had fun spending the week playing tourist to a wonderful out of town friend, I only had a few hours to come up with the lesson plans this morning, as I went to my beloved Mrs. Brown's Art Class for inspiration.

Kindergarten - Pattern Snake
Objective - To have students understand that repeating the same shape over and over again creates a pattern.  Also, when cutting a circular swirl, a wind chime is created.

For the today's lesson, we used black ink to draw out a curled up snake and filled it with many patterns of shapes and colors.  Once they finished coloring in the snakes, the students cut them out and the snakes were hung down to unravel itself. 

We started out by making a big spiral shape with a sharpie that took up our entire page.  Then we drew a face on one end of the spiral and added lines throughout.  Watercolor markers were distributed to color in patterns and shapes.

The snakes created ended up being the best looking snakes I've ever seen in my life:

1st Grade - Georgia O'Keefe Oil Pastel & Watercolor Flowers
Objective - To have students focus on drawing a single object of nature using and exaggerated angle to fill a whole painting space.

I introduced Georgia O'Keefe to the first graders by talking about her art and showing them her use of colors in oversized flowers paintings.  We then outlined the middle of our flowers with oil pastels.  I reminded them that the O'Keefe flowers filled up the entire canvas, so we had to make sure to draw big, giant petals that touch all four sides of our watercolor paper. 

We added two leaves to the side by also outlining them with oil pastels before we brought out the watercolor paint.  Everyone got to pick four colors, two for the flower, one for the leaves and the final as a background.

The students loved watching how the oil pastels and watercolor paints mixed on their papers.

Here are some of their end results.

5th Grade - Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night in an oil wash
Objective - To lead students into step by step painting with quick paced instructions. Students also learned about Vincent van Gogh and his painting Starry Night.

Students were given 4B pencils and asked to loosely trace out their left hand on the left side of their watercolor paper.  I asked them to make the middle finger long and wavy, as if blowing in a breeze.  We all drew a slanted horizon going from one side of our paper to the other and then put away our pencils.

The students were then given oil pastels and walked though a fast pasted series of drawing the wind, the stars, the sky, the mountains, farms, and the village.  Once everything was drawn out in outlines, the students used watercolor paint to wash out the oil pastels of the sky, wind blown tree and foreground.

The results surprised many of them, but I knew all along that I had a room full of van Goghs:

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