Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tea Wallets

I love tea. I have my whole life. I have fond memories of sitting in my gedada's (grandma in Arabic) kitchen as a child and watching her cook dinner from scratch, while I sipped a mixture of hot tea and milk out of a mug. When I made it to college, all my friends discovered coffee, but I stayed with my tea. Even when I moved to Seattle, where there was a coffee stand on every corner, I still managed to find quaint little tea shops where I sat, and read a book while sipping tea, on rainy days.
So it's no surprise that I carry tea bags with me everywhere I go. I have certain brands of tea I love that I need to have with me at all times. But more importantly, I enjoy a certain type of sugar (raw) and extras (honey) that I need to sweeten my tea that most places don't carry.

Today, I made a tea wallet for myself to carry and then made some extras to list in my online shops.   The great thing about these wallets is you can use them as an organizer with your driver’s license and some money for those times that you are on the go.

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