Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Every Muslim...

Every Muslim...really? All 1.75 billion?

Every Muslim is a terrorist who hates the West.
Every Muslim hates freedom and civil rights.
Every Muslims wants to kill a non-Muslims.

These are the words that I've read over the last few days on the internet.
With that logic...

Every Catholic Priest is a pedophile.
Every Jew wants to kill a Palestinian.
Every Mormon is anti-gay.
Every German is an anti-Semite.
Every Irishman blows up planes.
Every Native American is a drunk.
Every Somalian is a pirate.
Every Iraqi hates Kuwait.
Every Mexican is a drug dealer.
Every Indian is involved in sex trafficking.
Every Russian owns a gun.
Every Chinese person is hacking into your computer as you read this.
Every British citizens enjoys being in control of 3rd world countries.
Every Italian American is a member of the mob.
Every teenage boy in a trench coat will kill your kids.
Every postal worker is a mass murder.
Every Halloween candy has a razor blade in it.
Every bearded man wearing sunglasses puts pipe bombs in mailboxes.
Every Oklahoma citizen blows up federal buildings because they loath the government.
Every resident of Georgia despises Olympic athletes.
Every Floria local enjoys target practice on visiting tourists.

...see how stupid the original sentences sound now? 

Stop buying into the daesh goal of separating the world into Muslims and everyone else. Educate yourself. Go to a mosque and ask questions. Stop spewing hate filled bigotry into the world. We have to imagine that love will win.

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