Thursday, March 27, 2014

Updated Quilling Boards

I am preparing for my upcoming spring Beginning Quilling classes at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames on April 30 and May 28.  Classes are $18 and are 2 fun filled hours.  You get a coupon to use in the store when you register, so hold off on buying supplies if you don't have your own tool at home.

I started by pulling out all my supplies and making sure my glue bottles were unclogged and tools were in sharp ship shape. Then I noticed my very sad and beat up quilling demo boards.

I create these boards for the front of Ben Frankline Crafts and Frames to explain quilling. Once the class is started, I bring the past ones to demonstrate the different cards students can make. Since I've been teaching at the store for a while now, I've accumulated a number of boards and they have been tossed around a time or two in my car.

With spring cleaning in the air and red robins outside my window, I decided today would be the day to redo all the boards.
First thing I did was make all the new demo boards the same size. I have mat board in my studio that I cut to 12x12 inches to fit inside a newly purchased carrying case. Then I took the cards off the old boards with a heat gun. 

Don't worry, the bunny was saved.
These liberated cards were added to the new, smaller boards. They will be much easier to carry in the new case, with room on the side so I can surround them with tissue wrap.  Now they are in great shape for the April and May classes.

I hope you sign up for class so you can see them in person!
Teardrop and fringed flower cards.

Tight and small rolls can make a big impact.

Different quilled shapes can be used on the same card.

Sometimes inspirations can come from anywhere.

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