Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Camel Crossing

I've had a deep passion for camels for years and have made no secret of it. So when I had an extra large clock part from a custom order, I decided to turn it into an homage to my favorite animal. 

Don't worry, I have more clock parts if you'd also like an Arab clock made for you.

I've been working on this piece for over three months, but today I finally signed it and put it on my wall.  It will not be available for sale. 

Camel Crossing
Close up of glittered, layered, hand cut camel
Paper is layered on paper is layered on metal is layered on paint is layered on decoupage wood.

Close up of metal & glass star brad and hand painted metal.
Close up of henna patterns that have been added to the sides.

I added a glitter dot to every floral center background and hand cut the layered camel.

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