Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Year, New Look

I recently went to a website mentor meeting at the Greater Seattle SCORE to discuss my website, which has been getting heavily neglected by me lately.  These informative meetings are provided free of charge to any entrepreneurs.

After an hour long meeting, the number one take away was that I need a new look.

Basically she told me that while my Arabic Alphabet Poster and it's product line is one thing that A Crafty Arab does, it's not the main thing.  She said as a non-Arab, she didn't understand that the symbols next to the animals on my banner are Arabic letters.  Plus the animals look childish, but when she looks at my other products, they are not designed for children.

Here was my website front page:

She also said that nothing on my website looks like my logo, which is the main thread between all my websites (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc).

After a few days of reading articles like this and this, I decided that it was time to simplify my look with just a yellow Arabesque pattern and my tag line.

I'm going to sit on it for a week and see how it works for me.  I'd love feedback, whether you hate it or love it.

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Connie Hill said...
I would have to agree - while your alphabet poster is great, it is not a good summary of all that you do. And, you really don't have anything that looks like your logo (but I do like it as a logo).

The arabesque pattern is okay, but the color of it is a bit eye-twitching... perhaps a color not so... loud?

Give lots of thought to your new logo/theme. Be sure they represent you, your business, and your products. And if there is a chance you may change your products in the future, make your new theme/logo adaptable.

If I was more awake and not leaving for work, I'd try to offer more helpful suggestions...


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