Friday, January 16, 2015

Reactions to How to talk to your Muslim kids about Charlie Hebdo

I had some really great comments from my How to talk to your Muslim kids about Charlie Hebdo post yesterday that I wanted to preserve -


Phoebe @ Lou Messugo said...
This must have been a very hard and sad thing to have to talk to your kids about. Nobody should ever have to do this. How can young kids be expected to understand when we as adults struggle too? Thank you for linking up this thoughtful and topical post to #AllAboutFrance
Becky Brown said...
That is such a lovely story at the end about the woman. It is amazing the strength that some people have. We are British though now live in France. My husband and I were shocked by the events in Paris and it was amazing to see so many people come together. Our children are young and it is not something we talked about with them but it is interesting to see how many parents have approached the issue with their kids.
Mrs Tubbs said...
Thought provoking and honest. We've been trying to talk to the Tubblet, who's 11, about this as we don't want her buying into the Murdoch message. #AllAboutFrance
Eco Gites of Lénault said...
The events of Charlie Hebdo were horrific in so many levels and so difficult to explain to young children. But explain we must so that understanding and compassion are fostered, not hate and killing #AllAboutFrance

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