Thursday, October 2, 2014

Yet another reason why Zibbet is the best

Zibbet has become the go to place for handmade.  It's true. 

Other sites are all over the news lately for leaving handmade behind in their quest for shareholders. But this just made Zibbet even more determined to put the handmade artists first. 

A short while ago, Zibbet rolled out a new look and a new pricing plan.  The new look is sleek, clean and really beautiful.  And the pricing plan is well worth the investment for handmade artists that are willing to finally put their money where their shop is.

Today I received one of the many worthwhile perks from selling as a Lifetime member: my own stand alone shop. It. Looks. Amazing.

A Crafty Arab Zibbet Stand Alone Shop

Look again. 

Everything on the page belongs to A Crafty Arab.  There is no links for other shops. All links in the header banner go to me, myself and I. Zibbet is mentioned in the address in the bar above and with a logo in the bottom right, that is all.

I'll be spending the next few days editing and cleaning up the new stand alone.  I'll also start the process of moving over my main website to there. I'm hoping this helps reduce the number of confused clicks from fingertips to my product's PayPal button.

I know this because I recently submitted my main website to Peek by UserTesting, a reliable service that will check the ease of your website.  You can watch the video here, but the jest of it is that the tester went from my main website to my Zibbet shop (which is a goal), yet when she got there, she easily left my shop and was forever lost to me.

Note the irony at minute 5:35 when the tester comments "I don't really see anything that frustrates me" as the exact moment that she clicks off my shop site into beautiful Zibbet land.

I've played it in my mind about three thousand, four hundred and eighty seven times since I first saw it. (For the record, I do not personalize blue champagne flutes with Arabic or Farsi.)

Now, when I give someone my link to my shop, I know they will stay and shop.

If you are also interested in having a shop where your customers stay and shop, head over to Zibbet and be prepared to have your selling experience be taken up a notch.


Connie Hill said...
Great review - thanks for sharing your comments about this new option. I'm still iffy about it. Looking forward to seeing the coming customization options...
~Sunfire / Breath of the Dragon
Dancing Rainbows said...
Fabulous review. It's a great tool and will be getting even better with the coming options for customization.
Deb Ochs-LaGrone said...
Thanks for the review. I have a lifetime membership but haven't taken the time to set this up yet. I think that will go to the top of the to do list now!

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