Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Seahawks Inspired Hats

I'm not again going into my fear of copyright laws and the small business, since I covered them already in my Steelers Earrings post from December.

Let me just say that these adorable child and adult snug snowboarder hats are "inspired" by a local pig skin team that may be playing in a little game in New Jersey on Sunday.

Again, to solve my copyright dilemma of taking money for a product that is owned by a major corporation, I have decided to donate all the money I make from these hats.

I haven't decided on a cause yet, so if you have any ideas, please express them below.

For now, the hats are $15 and as I said above, 100% of the money made from the profit will be given away as a Pay It Forward to a charity. 

I'm sure the Seahawks would approve. 

12th (wo)man in navy blue and lime green with white stars!

Please email me directly at ACraftyArab at gmail (.) com for information on how to send me money via PayPal or check.  Once I have your email, I will contact you about hat size and delivery.

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