Friday, May 25, 2012

Arabic tags, tags, tags

I love tags. They are so charming and petite and you can give them to your favorite people in so many ways. You can put them on a gift, use them in scrapbook or write little love notes on them to put them in lunch boxes.

Today I made some Arabic Love and Congratulations tags to list in my Zibbet shop. The front either have the Arabic word Love (with an adorable heart over the word) or the Arabic word Congratulations (with a really zany font). On the back it says To / From, also in Arabic (the To is on top). All the words are to be read from right to left.

Arabic Love scalloped circle hang tags
Arabic Congratulations scalloped circle hang tags
Back of the scalloped circle hang tags

I'm also going to do some Eid and Ramadan tags too, so stay tuned to my blog to see those!

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