Friday, January 8, 2016

It's not you Instagram, it's me

Around this time last year, I cleaned out my Facebook personal page of close to 600 "friend" accounts. This resulted in a major shift of my time management resources. Life has been good in 2015 as a result of this refocus to my business.

I was able to participate in a museum exhibit, taught clay classes in my studio, and released a new Arabic Color Poster. I took classes on business branding.  I continued to give tours at the Seattle Art Museum, taught art at my daughter's school, and volunteered at various organizations. I also expanded my Instagram account and started to post my tutorials there as another outreach.

Yesterday a major account swung by and "Hearted" one of my craft tutorial photos on my IG.

Of course there was s huge rush of OMA.  Then the thrill pass and nothing else happened.

There was no feeback.

No #repost.

No follow.


Having taken the branding courses, seeing this made me realize that the correlation between my photo and my account was lost. Somehow, what my photo was conveying, what drew a major craft account to me, was not what my ACraftyArab IG account was convaying.

And it was true, I had images from a girl scout meeting, a tree dragon and a half naked model holding a Saudi Arabian Bebsi can as my top photos.

None of those said A Crafty Arab. Nor did any of them handcraft a vibrant Arab world.

In order to help with my IG branding being more in line with my mission statement, I have decided to create a private IG, Seattle_kt, that will carry these more personal photos, while the ACraftyArab account will focus on showcasing the many tutorials from this blog.

Please do not take it personally if I have unfollowed you on IG, I am working my way back on my spreadsheet of accounts. You are welcome to find me, I am happy to let you into my peronsal world. And you can see the Bebsi can, because I'm sure you're curious now.

It's not you Instagram, it's me - A Crafty Arab

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