Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2nd Grade Art Lesson: Glazing Clay

Two weeks ago my second grade art class created Whimsical Clay Castles and today we get to glaze them.
2nd Grade Art Lesson: Glazing Clay by A Crafty Arab

The kids were so excited to get their pieces and to see what a difference a firing in the kiln makes. Pieces that had been soft and gooey a few weeks ago are now solid and heavy.

Before we got started, I showed the kids a kiln shelf (seen above with my blog name on it) and explained the importance of not getting any glaze on it.  This meant that no glaze can be painted on the bottom of their base, nor on the side (just in case it melted).  If the glaze melts, the piece might stick to the shelf and will have to be broken off.  If any glaze did come accidently on the bottom or side of the base while they were painting, it can easily be washed off with a moist paper towel.

I gave each of them a porcelain plate so the glaze would not soak into a paper plate.  They were allowed as many colors as they wanted, but could only do one color at a time to make sure everyone gets started at the beginning.  They each also got paint brushes and little water containers for cleaning their brushes between colors.

Once everyone was finished, I had a parent volunteer paint each piece with a top coat for shine.  Then back in the kiln they go for another firing.

Come back in two weeks to see what comes out of the kiln!

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