Sunday, April 19, 2015

Women's Wellness Weekend - Spring 2015

I had so much fun on Orcas Island this weekend teaching at the Women's Wellness Weekend Retreat at the YMCA's Camp Orkila.

My crazy, Friday, ten hour drive to get there is best seen through my Instagram shots.

As many past readers of this blog know, I love this retreat because it gives me a pause from my loved ones around me.  Those include my fantastic husband, my beautiful daughters, my supportive family, and my kind and giving girlfriends*.

It's my time to unwind, but also do what I love to do most: pass my love of art to others..  I traveled to the WWW to teach a quilling class. 

I took all my own art supplies and inspirational displays. After a speedy breakfast due to a lazy Saturday morning, I had everything set up for my two classes in the library.

There were lots of happy students:

A few close ups of their masterpieces.
 Sregrubmah (hamburgers spelled backwards) to you!
Stunning earrings on their way to the jewelry table for finishing.
Happy Birthday card to a little lucky boy.
Snowflake charm on it's way as a mother's day gift
While there, I went on long beach walks, gazing at Waldron Island under a beautiful blue sky.  I spent quite a bit of time around the marina center, looking for the snazzler, As a mother of snazzler winners in the past, it will be hard for me to come home with my head hung in shame on Sunday. But I'm sure a stop at the Donut House in Anacortes will fix everything.

Natch, someone else found it first!

Over the weekend, I was also blessed with a message, painted a landscape watercolor, and took a seasonal walk with a staff member where I learned that if you bend the top leaf of a salmon berry cluster, it turns into a butterfly.

Fold the top leaf over and you get butterfly wings (thanks Kelli!)

Please do look up your local YMCA and sign up for the next retreat.  I promise you won't regret getting away "to escape, cleanse and refill" as so eloquently said by yoga instructor Christina.

*If you do fall into my kind and giving girlfriends category in my life, I tease about you not being there.  To be honest, I'd love to see more women I know attend this beach heaven we have.

If you are thinking about it, here are just a few things that were offered this weekend: kayaking, hiking, field trips, archery, riley, karaoke, needle felting, yoga, giant swing, jewelry making, s'mores social, pottery, knitting, guitar, herbal tinctures and so much more. 

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