Monday, August 11, 2014

Ayyam Wa Layalli (Days and Nights) Arab Summer Festival

I'm excited about the Ayyam Wa Layalli (Days and Nights) Arab Summer Festival and Outdoor Cinema at Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA that will be happening on August 15th, 2014.

The organizers are planning a small family fun festival before the movie (an Egyptian black&white musical with a live sing along!).  Unfortunately I am already committed to an earlier event, so I was not able to apply for a booth. I was excited to hear who else will be there, not just product booths, but Arabic food booths too. 

Undaunted, the organizers asked me to provide them with a few products to sell until I could get there later in the evening to enjoy the movie. I've been trying to decide what to give them, since I really wanted to play off the theme of the event.

While at the best kept secret in Redmond on Wednesday with my daughters, I came across a box of vintage cards.  I knew right away that the cards would be perfect to sell at the movie.  I went home, torn them apart then reconfigured them to face the Arabic direction when they opened. Now they look like this

From a vintage boring card to a colored and bright Arabic Shukran Card.
You'll have to come to the movie to see what the rest of the box looks like! Click here to order your tickets.

Here is a preview of one of the songs:
Tobah - توبة

توبة توبة توبة إن كنت أحبك تاني توبة (1

To-bah x2 to-bann kun-ta a-Hib-bak ta-ni, to-ba

Never again, will I love you, never again

بس قابلني مرة وتبقى دي آخر نوبة

Buss ah-bill-nee mar-ra w’ tib-a d’ ah-kher nu-ba

Just meet me one more time, it'll be the last time

 وبعدها توبة توبة

Wa’ ba3-da-ha to-ba to-ba 

And after that never again

(Repeat 2x)

 توبة إن كنت أخاصمك وأرجع أصالحك تاني (2

To-ban kun-ti ah-khas-mak werr-g3a sal-Hak ta-ni

Never again will I stop talking to you

only to make upagain

ياما البعد سقاني وياما القرب ضناني

Ya-mal ba3-di sa-3a-ni, w’ya-mal kur-bi da-na-nee

Distance has always been good for me,

while being with you tires me out

(Repeat 5 times)

وإن فات طيفك يوم في منامي وجه صحاني (3

Win fat ti-fak yoom fi ma-na-mi wa-gah sa-Ha-ni

If your image appeared to me in my sleep

and woke me up

برضه أصالحك بس أهي نوبة وبعدها توبة

Bar-do a-sal-Hak bas a-hi nu-bah wa b3a-da-ha to-bah, to-bah

I'd make good with you again but after that never again

(Go to first verse x 2)

توبة إن كنت حصدق تاني كلامك (4

To-ban kun-ti Ha-sud-da’ ta-ni ka-la-mak

Never again will I believe anything you say

مهما حتسأل مش راح أصدق حتى سلامك

Mah-ma Ha-ti-sal mush ra-Ha sud-da’ Hat-ta sa-lam-ak

No matter what you ask I will not even believe your greetings

(Repeat 3x)

بس أوعدني أوعى تبكي وأنا قدامك (5

Buss ew 3-id-ni ew 3a tib-ki wa-na oo-dam-ak

Just promise me you will never cry in front of me

أحسن أكذب روحي وأقول أهي نوبة وبعدها توبة

AH-san a-ked-dib roo-Hee wa-ool a-hi no-bah

It's best that I lie to my soul and say just this once

wa ba-3a-da-ha to-bah

and then never again

(Repeat (1) x 3) then (4) x 3) then (5) x1 then (1) x 3)

آه من حيرة قلبي وآه من دمعة عيني (6

Ah min Hee-reet al-b’–oo , w’ah min dam-3et 3a-ni

Oh, my heart is so confused! Oh, how I've cried!

كل ما أقول أنساك توحشهم نارك وتصحيني

Ku-li ma-ool an-sak to-Hash-ni nar-ak wa-tsaa-Hi-ni

Whenever I say I'll forget you, your fire makes me miss you

and wakes me up

(Repeat (6) x 3)

أجري وأسأل عنك قبل ما انت تجيني (7

Ag-ri wa ‘sal 3an-ak ab-li man-ta tig-nee

And then I run around asking about you

before you even come to me

أضحك نوبة وأبكي نوبة وبعدها توبة

Ad Hak no-ba wab-ki no-ba,  wa ba3-da-ha to-ba, to-ba

I'll laugh once, cry once and then never again

(Repeat (1) x 3)

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