Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break 2014

Last week was Spring Break in the Lake Washington School District.  Our family decided to get the heck out of dodge and head for the beach.  We weren't looking for sun, just a change of pace.

First we stopped in Lincoln City, Oregon for three days, bringing kites, scooters and lots and lots of books with us.  Our rental house was in front of the beach and we could not have asked for a better view.

Welcome to the Beach House
After our stay at the beach house, we headed to McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, Oregon for one night.

A wonderful place to stay with kids, but don't eat the food!
While taking a walk around the grounds, I discovered a Pizza Schmitza sign.  It was one of my favorite restaurants in Redmond Town Center before it closed, so imagine my surprise at finding a location so close!  Can you believe they honored my full punch cards, even though they were 4 years old?  I was a very happy soul for a long time.

Slices of heaven.

The next morning we stopped at the nearby Maggie's Buns for cinnamon rolls.  I tried to take a photo, but my family ate them before I could track down my camera.

We headed into Portland, Oregon for a stop at Powell's books, Pepino's Mexican Grill in the Pearl district and of course 3 Monkeys, shown here with my 3 monkeys.

The best part about Oregon is the no tax when shopping!
We meet one of my oldest friends for dinner before we drove home.  Relaxed and happy. What did you do on your Spring Break?

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