Monday, December 9, 2013

Arabic Children's Clocks

As I had previously mentioned, I started creating these Arabic kid's clocks back in September and I'm now finally getting a chance to list them both on my Etsy and Zibbet site.

I have four clocks total and I'm going to experiment to see which gets the most views.  Since Etsy is no longer a handmade site, I'm a little nervous about posting handmade on there.  But I've had a few sales over there recently, so I'm just curious if the first Arabic clock sells on Etsy or Zibbet.

Here are the four listings:
(click the caption under the clock to see more photos)

Gliding the Dog! Arabic robot wood wall clock
Blast off! Arabic wood wall clock

Up Up and Away! Arabic hot air balloon wood wall clock

Fishing School! Arabic wood wall clock

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