Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quilled Flower B

On Thursday night I was teaching my Beginning Quilling class at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames and decided to try making a new design. So I took home a papier-mâché letter B and painted it blue. Then last night, while the kids were enjoying a Friday night movie and the husband was on the computer deleting email from his old job, I holed myself up in my studio with Gotye blasting in the background and came up with this:

I had created it to take back to Ben Franklin to update the Quilling section display, so that is why I chose the letter B. But then when was making it, I decided it also needed a bee to help add that extra feel for spring.  So now the letter can stand for Ben Franklin or bee:

So if you'd like to learn how to make these flowers for your own letter, be sure to sign up for my next class.  Just call (425) 883-2050 to register and then be there from 6:30 to 8:30pm on April 19th, 2012.  I'm looking forward to teaching you!

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