Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's in my Z Box

Recently I ordered a Z Box from Zibbet. I had seen a YouTube video about it and thought, what the heck, maybe I'll get some birthday presents for some friends. My box just arrived and I was shocked at how well stocked it was!

Check out all my goodies:
Crystal beads from BaubleBin
Keychain by breathofthedragon
Flower garden tea candle from C'estSoy
Polymer Clay Earrings from Daresab
Knitted miniature Keychain by handmadefuzzy
Wine charms from itsmythingdesigns
Wine charms by littlewishes
Earring and Necklace set from JujuBeeJewelryDesigns
Photograph Print from NicolesVisions
Bracelet by RebeccasJewelry
Dry Facial Mask Sample from RWestDesigns
Gumpaste Yellow Flower from Sweetsonwheels
Organic Cotton Face Scrubbie by ThoughtfulGems
Beaded Earrings from tiflogifts
Fresh Linen Sachet by TinCanQuilter
Earrings from XquisitelyLadyM

I highly recommend you buy a Z box today!
Many of the items came with coupons to purchase more items from those shops. Plus there were coupons from other shops on Zibbet too!


XquisitebyLadyM said...
I am SO happy you love the Z Box!! I love participating in that and I adore hearing all the stories from people who have purchased them. It always makes me feel like someone's opened up a very special gift and absolutely makes my day!

Sunfire said...
Glad to know you decided to get one. Even I am amazed at the myriad of things that show up in these. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the world :)
It's My Thing! Designs said...
Great Blog!
Thanks for sharing your joy and excitement over the awesome products and coupons you have received in your Sample ZBox. It is such an extreme bargain for what you get. Thanks, also, for sharing the shops of all these super talented people. I am glad to be included in this group!

Wanitta :D
Rebecca said...
Oh wow!! SO happy you are enjoying your Z Box! Thank you for this review! The artists in Z Box work very hard to provide great samples of their work, so that people can get an up close look at their work before they buy! How awesome is that? ALSO you get MANY offers/coupons from awesome Zibbet shops!
Thank you again!!
Herbs 'n' Chocolate said...
I'm happy you are enjoying your Zbox Kay.. its always great to hear form buyers what they think. I love being a part of Zbox & love hearing how everyone likes what they get in their box!

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